How to Find Estimate Traffic of Any Website ?

Sometimes you may be curious to know about knowing the traffic of a website.However it is easy for you to find the traffic of site which you own but for finding other site traffic and visitors you need to read the post.

However by the following methods you can not get accurate analytics of a website because these sites are third party sites and they have a estimate traffic and other data of websites.

There are many traffic estimator sites available but i am listing the best list which is nearly to accuracy.

Find Out Traffic Of a Website

1. Alexa 

Alexa is the most popular site which is a Amazon company you can find out the worldwide ranking by alexa it also give you the country rank by default  in which the site is much popular. However if the webmaster have setup it for another country it will show rank for that country.Alexa show the ranking by the relative traffic to all other site on the internet. Mean the site which is getting more traffic will be rank higher and by this you will get a popularity of a website.
find website popularity by traffic

Alexa will give you the following details of a website in top it will give you the worldwide rank of the site and the country rank. Secondly it will give you the Engagement of the visitors on the site and the popular countries with the ranking then the keywords with which the sites get traffic from search engine and the upstream sites.It will not give the traffic it will only show you the ranking and the populartiy.

2. Compete

If you want information about estimate US traffic then this is the most helpful site it will give you nearly accurate traffic which a site get from the US it will provide you the unique visiters from US free of cost. You have to be a premium member to know the pageviews and more details.


This tool is getting more and more popularity now a days because of its importance and the features. It will offer you the search traffic and the keywords and the and the main thing about is that you can split data by any country and you will get the estimate search traffic from the search engine.
find organic traffic of a site

4. Website Outlook

This is free another tool which will give you a free estimate details of traffic and many other details such as alexa rank the domain authrity and the no of backlinks pointing to that site.One good thing about site is it give a rough estimate idea about traffic it calculate is traffic based on alexa rank ranking.

traffic detail of a site
It also give some basic information about website and the keywords information from which the organic traffic in coming it has now started to give more information like who is records and dns reports of a site.

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the most popular backlinks checker tool worldwide now you can also know the US and Uk Traffic by using these site it will show you a graph of last 30 days however the main disadvantage of this site it won't show you the worldwide traffic.

These Estimate should not be taken as accurate because alexa rank are calculated based on the last three month traffic and the traffic could have raised or lowered so the current ranking may not be true. 

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