How to convert Html code to PDF ?

In this tutorial i am going to show you how you can convert  html codes to PDF file online for free.You can convert any webpage or any html file or codes to a PDF file for offline access.

You may need a print out of a particular web page or or  you want to share a web page with email to some one then this is very helpful tutorial for you.

Steps to convert Webpage to PDF

Step 1 : Open the site

When you open the site you will find four option here the first one is to convert the whole webpage you can simply copy and paste the Url to convert the page in to the PDF file.

Step 2:  Click convert to pdf
After pasting the url of webpage and clicking the convert to pdf the file will be automatically downloaded in pdf formet. Isn't it so simple ?

Convert Html File to PDF

Step 1: Click on convert html file button 

If you want to convert a html file to pdf then simply click the convert html file which is next to convert webpage then upload your html file from your computer.

Step 2: Again click on Convert to PDF

The pdf file will be download automatically when you click the button.

Convert Selected Things From a webpage to Pdf

If you want to convert a selected things from a webpage then first you have to find out the source code and copy them which are in form of html codes.

Step 1 Find the Codes

Find source code in Chrome :

To find source codes in google chrome go to webpage then right click the mouse and then inspect elements.

Source code in FireFox:

Go to webpage in mozilla and simply right click the mouse and click selection codes

Step 2  paste the codes 

Simply paste the code in place of Type your HTML here ... and then click convert to pdf the file will be downloded in pdf formet.

html codes to pdf file

Hope This article was helpful to you to convert the html files and codes to pdf formet. Protection Status