How to Check Search Engine Ranking For Keywords ?

If you are a blogger or a webmaster then you must know about the search engine ranking .Today i am going to show how you can check the ranking for your keywords in search engine like google, yahoo and Bing etc.

There are many tools available on the web by which you can check the ranking for your keywords but many tools are not working now a days or you can check your ranking for only limited search engine. Moonsy keyword tools as i can see not working for me from last many days and it only shows the ranking for and not other other search engine as well as no other version of google.

Here are some active and best keyword rank checker tools by which you can check your keyword ranking.

1. Google Webmaster

Google webmaster is the google's most important tool for any webmaster or a blogger. One of the feature of google webmaster tool is you can analysis the search result and traffic with the keywords.This tools is fully customize and you can check the amount of search traffic clicks and the impressions in the search results.
find keyword Ranking
Google Webmaster Tool

In the webmaster tool you can find the result and ranking keyword for particular keywords and country.
Go to Webmaster Tool>Select Site>Search Traffic>Search Analytics 

2  Small Seo Tools

In the Google Webmaster Tool you can check the ranking only for google but don't worry here are other tools which is helpful for you to check the keyword ranking for google as well as the yahoo and bing.

Why choose this tool ?
You can check multiple keywords  at a time.Yes you can check your ranking for a single or multiple keywords at a time and can select the country as well.

find keyword ranking
Small Seo Tools

The major thing i dislike is the time to load because it check the ranking page by page and it will take few time to load depending on rank and the no. of keywords you entered.The tool was offering servies for yahoo and bing also but now its oly to check the google ranking.

3. Free Bulk Seo Tools

This is not a popular tools but it work great for checking the search rank fast in major three search engine and the top extension of google for countries like India(, UK( and Australia(
Just enter the keyword and domain and press enter button to find the rank of the keyword. Protection Status