How to Find Wifi Password of Your Network ?

Have you forgotten the password of your wifi network and need to find them ? Or you are using your friends wifi but don't know the password of the same and want to know the password to connect with other device.

There may be many more reason for finding password of wifi network because if you have forgotten the password you can't connect new device to wifi network without knowing password. You cant change the wifi password if you don't know the current password.

find wifi password

So in this Articlle i am going to explain the methods by which you can find the password of your current network.

How to find wifi Password in Window

If you are using window and forget your wifi password or want to know it for any other reason here is the method by which you can find it.

Follow these steps to find the wifi password in window

Step 1
Open "network and sharing center" and then click on "change adapter setting".You can also use the shortcut window key+R and type command ncpa.cpl  and press enter.

how to find wifi password

Step 2
Right click on your wireless adapter which may be labled as wifi or with the name of manufacturer select "status" from the menu.

Step 3

Open the properties of the connection and click 'wireless properties' and then 'security' tab.

Step 4
Now it is time to know the password just click on "show characters" or you will come to know the password of your wifi.
If it did not show the password then move on  Alternate Method.

Method 2 for knowing wifi password in window

Download wireless keyview
it is the free programme which scan your window resistry and find the saved key
it will be downloaded as zip file and you need to extrect the file from zip.

Run the Programme wireless keyview

Find your key/password
a window will be open and all the key of all connected network will be shown to you

These Were the methods by which you can find out the wifi password of your current network or saved network in window soon i will update this post with the methods by which you can know your wifi password in Mac and other operating systems

Find Wifi Password in Mac

If you are using mac and forgot password of your wifi network then you can recover your password using these steps.

Step 1 Open the Utility Folder
This folder can be found in applications folder and you don't need to be connected to the network at the time of recovering password.

Step 2  Open Keychain

This is the programme where all your online and system password are stored Protection Status