Best Video Creation and Editing Software

Hello Friends ! Video Creation is one of the most entertaining passion as well as one of the best business online and offline to earn money.

If you love to make videos and want to earn money by video marketing there are many source by which you can earn money by your videos. But to make an attractive video you need an good video editing software.

Here I have listed software for creation and editing of videos.
Video Creation and Editing Software

How you can earn money by video Marketing ?

I think most of you know about how to earn money by video marketing youtube is the most popular video site which allow to monetize our own video to earn money many people are earning millions per month by their video from youtube and you can too.

For an attractive video you need an video editing and creator site so today i have explained the best video site for you. 

Explaindio Video Creator

There are many video creator and editing software but the Explaindio is best one.If you are going to create video for business and for your client I highly recommend this software because it will give you quality and also will save your time.

Explaindio Video Creator is a unique video creation program that was designed by non-other than the owner of the name, that program is a hand work of a creative and intelligent technologist; Explaindio Todd Gross. The program teaches on line marketers how to draw traffic to their websites and other on-line platforms in real time. Users of the technology have attested to its massive effectiveness.

Explaindio is considered to be a revolutionary video making software, it makes video in a way that you are yet to understand. It comes with a unique technology of making videos that is incorporated with the next generation and animated video sketching board technologies. The two controversial releases that happened on the JVZOO were driven by the technology in Explaindio technologies.

What does it contain?

The program contains the following in its package:
a) Library of twenty slide packs.
b) 10 Call-to-action animations pack.
c) 29 images pack Library.
d) Different hands to drag and draw from its sketching board.
e) 15 audio tracks to make your work easier.

How does it work?

Explaindio Video Creator will help you to create videos automatically using its incorporated tools. You are instructed on how it can create videos using the images, animations, sketch board, and the advantage of HD videos to view clear instructions.


a) It has much video creation software.
b) Easy to add HD videos to your channel.
c) Allows easy importation of slides from VMFX.
d) Reliable and consists of HD videos and Audios.
e) Easy creation of animated explains.
f) Easy moving and reshaping of the animated HD explained.
g) Comes with many bonuses.
h) 60 days money back guarantee.
i) Dedicated customer service available.


a) The program is very cumbersome and involving that needs much attention.
b) It is only available on line.
c) It is not easy to understand if you are an amateur in video marketing and production.

Explaindio Video creator is a program worth your investment; it comes with many features and advantages for your video marketing purposes. It is the best video editing software in the market. Protection Status