How to sell Online ?

If you want to sell product online and don’t know how to sell product online this article will help you.
There are three ways to sell stuff online

1. From your own site
2. From other website
3. From classified website
How to sell Online

From your own website:

You can sell products online by your own site or by other ecommerce or classified site. If you want to sell items from your own website you will have to make a website first and upload your products to sell. We will discuss more about this in other post.

There are advantages and disadvantage to sell from your own site the major advantage is you don’t need to pay any selling fee for selling on your own site and you can make policy according to you and you can design site panel you desire.

The major disadvantage to sell products on your own site is to make trust of buyer. All famous ecommerce are well trusted and buyers always choose to purchase from a trusted site. If you are planning to make your own ecommerce site you will have to provide good quality like trust and good customer support and best price etc.

From other site:

There are many popular ecommerce website to buying and selling online if you want to sell anything online you need to make a seller account on these websites.

The selling on these websites includes these steps

1. You upload products
2. Buyer purchase item/items
3. You ship item to the buyer
4. You get the payment from the company

Some major sites to sell products online in India are Flipcart, ebay, amazon, shopclues and snapdeal etc.

Selling on most of these sites is very easy process and you and all website have huge traffic so you don’t need to pay for advertisement to sell your products.

In some website you will have to wait for a long to see money in your bank for items you sold like in ebay you will have to wait for 14 days for payment after the confirmation of delivery if you are not a power seller. However most of these sites pay just after delivery of product in next payment cycle.

From classified website:

There are many classified website like olx and quicker where you can sell used or new stuff however this is not a recommended methods if you want to sell new products in multi quantity this site mainly sell the thing which are no longer useful for you.
olx sell online

These website do not accept payment from buyer and you will need to contact buyer or seller directly to make a purchase or sell.

Selling product online has became easy from these websites you will not need to do hard work to find a buyer for your products.

The best products to sell online will be discussed in other post however you can sell anything on these website.

If you want to grow your business online so what are you waiting for just pick methods from here and start your online selling business today itself.

If you have anything to ask about selling or buying online leave comment below. Protection Status