How to earn money by blogging ?

A blog is a regularly updated online individual journal or record. It is a place where one can express himself to the world. A place where one can share their thoughts, feelings and desires with rest of the world. Making money through blogging is like earning while fulfilling your hobby.

But one has to  be very careful while moving ahead with the decision to earn by the blogging. Many individuals have now quit their day job and have preferred blogging as their profession. It requires careful analysis of the topic along with regular updates.  Few steps, one should follow in order to be a successful  blogger.

1)  Find A place for your blog:

The very first step is to discovery a place for your new blog. It’s where you’ll pen down your creation, publish, manage, decorate and personalised your blog.

2) Take help And Support:

Most of the new blogger try to do everything all alone. This is one of the biggest mistakes one does. Don’t do this mistake. Take help and support wherever you are stuck. You make take help from friend and family in:

 Setting up new blog

 Modifying theme

 Locating advertisements on the blog

 Overall blogging inquiries

In all, wherever you need assistance with, just go out and ask for it. Though taking support or not, still remains your personal choice.

3) Start Now:

a) Choose a topic for your blog:

Choose a topic of your interest, something you love reading, writing about. You can choose a hobby that you enjoy doing, your career, some specific knowledge that you have or your passion.

b) Decide on the frequency:

The very next step all about considering is the way you write your blog, how often you write on that blog, and which social media sites you promote your blog on.

c) Type of Blog:

There are various types of blog that you can write, some of them are:

 Expert

 Reporter

 Storyteller

 Helper

 Marketer

d) Search similar blogs:

Use good search engines and search sites that cover topics related to your topic.

Read a few blogs before to start writing.

e) Add Images:

It is very important to add images to the blog. But you have to be very careful while

choosing an image, as they play a very critical role in the success of the blog. At the

same time can be daunting if ignored. Images make your blog look more pleasing to

the eye.

4) Promotion Your Blog:

Promoting your blog is equally important as writing. Nowadays there are lots of social media

site available to help you promoting your blog.

Some of them are:

 Facebook

 Twitter

 Google +

 LinkedIn

 Instagram

 Pinterest

 YouTube

5) Start Making Money with your blog:

You can make online money in a variety of ways, as blogging can be very beneficial. You can

make money online with the help of your blog and can build financial independence. Some

of the ways are:

 Pay Per Click (PPC)

 Banner and text ads

 Paid Product Review

 Amazon Affiliated Program

 Sell Stuff Protection Status