Republic Day 2015

Every year Republic day is celebrated on 26th January in India. This year also republic day will be celebrated on Monday, 26th January 2015. This day is celebrated on honor of Indian Constitution which came into force on same date in 1950.

This year Barak Obama, President of USA will be chief guest on Republic day 2015. He has already accepted the invitation given by Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi. This Republic day is special in both manners because its first republic day of Narendra Modi who is the most popular leader of India and second the most popular person of world is visiting India on this day as a chief guest.

The Republic day has a great importance for independent India on the same day the Constitution came in to existence. This day is celebrated with pride in each town and each village of India. The biggest celebration take place at Rajpath where military parade takes place with military equipment in front of National flag Tirangaa and the President of India salute to National Flag.

India is the 7th largest country in area and 2nd biggest country in term of population after china. India is multi culture and multi language country with many variations from place to place but on the national day like Republic day and Independence Day is celebrated in each corner of India with same Pride.

“Jan gana mana” is sing by every person who attend the celebration this is the national anthem of India. The celebration of Republic day and Independence Day bring every Indian together to think on the same topic. Protection Status