IDM Download

If you want to download YouTube videos or you are not satisfied with your downloading speed and want to increase it this post is for you.

IDM Download

Internet download manager is one of the most important software for any computer user especially who use internet to download files and videos etc. You can download IDM free for first month and after first month you need to pay some fee for that.

Download IDM from here 

IDM is important because it increase downloading speed up to five times or even more than that, it save time and data. It has advanced browser integration if you have enabled this feature it will catch any file u want to download from any application.

Browsers Supported:
IDM support almost all main browsers and application like Internet explorer, Google chrome, Mozilla firefox , AOL browser, MSN Browser, Netscape, Avant browser and many others it support all popular browser and all of their versions.

Resume Capability:
This is another great feature of IDM apart from speed that it will resume uncompleted files and again it will start from the point of resume hence you will not need to download the whole file or files again. It will resume the file even the computer is turned off and you can download file where it was pushed due to any reason like internet connection lost, computer shutdown or any other error.

Download multiple files at a time :
From the internet download manager you can download multiple files or videos or songs at a time with a good speed. However the downloading speed is depends upon the network provider but IDM will give you better downloading speed than your browser in any condition.

Available in many languages:
IDM software is free download manager for one month trial and this is available in many other languages other than English like French, Turkish, Danish, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, Farsi, Polish, Italian and many other languages.

Antivirus Checking:
This software also having the great feature of checking antivirus automatically this will make your downloaded file free from any type of virus after file is downloaded the IDM software automatically runs a scanner to scan the virus and Trojans in the file.

Website spider or grabber:
If you want to browse any website offline or you want to download all the pictures from a particular page the IDM is having such feature in it and the IDM works with many proxy servers for example Microsoft ASI and FTP proxy servers.

Small Size Software:
The size Internet download manager is around 6 MB which is very small in comparison to its features this smaller size software can save your time by downloading the files faster than your default browser.

Quick update:
IDM download manager have the feature to quick update whenever they release a update the updated features will be automatically updated to your IDM software
These are the some main features of the IDM to see more features you can visit the feature page on official site of Internet download manager.

Price of IDM:
IDM download manager can be downloaded for free for one month trial after one month you need to pay the amount of $29.95 this amount you have to pay online and you will get all features and all future updates of software free for one year. If you have any query regarding payment or purchase you can visit FAQ page or Contact page of official site of Internet download manager.

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